Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok I'm alive

Seriously, I am.  Sorry for the flatness. Sorry for the point blankness.  Just recovering.

Here is where I've been: Welcome to Janet's World.

Hang in there! Seriously, don't abandon us! I honestly have thought of you many times and just couldn't muster the strength and non pain moments to sit up. 


Many hugs!



I haven't been doing well this week.  It's hard to be motivated knowing I'm going to have to stop WW.  This is the completely wrong attitude to have and I'm working on fixing it.  I did better yesterday and at least stayed within my points.  Today I am determined to do a little better than yesterday.  I hate my body, and the weight I'm at, and I'm the only one that can fix it.  Emily, you have been missing forever.  Jonesie, I'm worried about you!  I need some help here people, and I'm not talking about my weight.  This truly has become an online journal because I'm the only one that writes.  Save your pep talk Emily, I've been trying to get feedback, entries and communication with you and Jonesie for a few weeks to no avail.  I haven't abandoned anything.  Have you?!  Jonesie seriously, please let us know you are ok.  Just a simple, I'm alive will suffice.  I know that you are going through a rough time, I want to be here for you.  I don't want you to write and act like you're fine.  I just want to know you're alive.  Please. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's up

Ladies, what's going on??? I realize I am one to ask. But, I'm asking. I'm not doing great with weight. I am trying to survive the last two weeks of school. But I am missing you guys. You at least made me feel guilty for NOT dieting to my best abilities!!! Jonesie..come back!!! and Elle, don't give up... we started this thing right? We can do it. I will check it and post every pathetic day. Sorry for being such a bad blog buddy! To show you how sorry i am and disgusted with myself too....I weigh 216. ugh. I said it. Now I need to change it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Day, New Attitude

I'm over yesterday.  It does no good to dwell on the fact that money is tight and I'm fatter than I want to be.  I've gone down 1.2 of the 2lbs I was up from the weekend.  I'm getting over my sinus infection, have an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) to see why I get them so much, and I'm looking forward to celebrating this weekend with my family, my brother's 21st birthday and sister's college graduation.  I'm focusing on all of these things instead of possible sinus surgery (Dr's words, premature tho, not stressing too bad) lack of money to celebrate with and still being in fatter clothes than I would like.  It'll all work out.  And at least today I feel up to doing laundry, dishes and cleaning floors while the kids are asleep.  Will be the first time in a week that I feel like it.  I still did it, but not as often and with no zeal whatsoever.  I'm watching my 3 nephews tonight, too, so that should be fun.  I'll let ya know what the scale says tomorrow.