Saturday, August 14, 2010

Elle Day 9

Went to the State Fair yesterday from the lake. Let me tell you, in case you have never been to a fair, that it is damn hard to stay on ANY diet then you throw in all fried food and not a vegetable in sight...AHH! I vowed to do my best and even took a bunch of fruit to fill up on. I had a gyro because it did have lots of vegetables on it and it wasn't deep fried or sugary. I can not weigh today so I don't know where I sit. Will keep you updated...

Elle Day 8

So I'm at the lake, ate a chicken burrito for dinner late last night. Didn't drink or eat hardly anything all day because I was so busy getting all of the desserts ready. Why am I not stressed out about this you ask? Because normally if I was going to Taco Bell I would eat whatever I wanted and worry about the consequences later. Not this time. I got a huge water to rehydrate and a chicken burrito and that was it. I was starving and wanted so much more but I knew that would take the edge off until breakfast. It worked. I'm down lower than my goal for the week and at 209!

Day 13 for emily

I am down another pound putting me at a whopping 218! I did have another lemon slushee so I think that may be helping. I am hanging in there. I can't wait to be less than 200. I hate being over 200! Ugh. Hate it. Will be very happy once I'm under 200!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 12 for emily

Ok, the lemon slushee helped. Now I am at 219. I think I am going to drink one of those things everyday!

Elle Day 7

I am at 209.4!! 2 oz to go by tomorrow to meet my weekly goal! I can totally do that! I feel so much healthier than I did last week. I know the majority of that feeling is psychological. I don't care. I'm feeling healthier one way or another. This weekend is going to be very hard to get through though. I have a fundraiser this evening in which I am supplying the desserts. I can stay out of all of the goodies, but after I leave the benefit I am driving straight to the lake (an hour away) to spend the weekend with my parent's and Frederick before he starts school. They are taking him down early for me since today is going to be so crazy. It will be nice that he gets to spend this time with them. They are taking him horse back riding, swimming and golf. He loves it there...anyway, I'm almost at goal and I still have tomorrow! I just hope I can make it through this weekend staying strong. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 11 for emily


UGH! I have been on the diet for almost 2 weeks and have only lost 5 pounds! I am frustrated. Brenda gave me some of her wisdom though and I'm supposed to call her in the morning. She said that the steak I ate at a restraunt (even though I asked for it plain) must've had something on it. So I have to drink a lemon slushee (really-take a lemon and ice, and some water and blend it all up and drink) and not eat out! I'll let you know how I do tomorrow!

Elle Day 6

210!!! I'm happy with this. I have 1.2 lbs in 2 days to make my weekly goal. This will NOT be an issue!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 10 for emily


ok breathe, the number is going back down. stupid number. stupid food.

Elle Day 5

I am the same weight as yesterday. It is a little frustrating, but I'm still down so I am going to remain positive. The part that is frustrating is that the first time I started this diet I lost 8 lbs in 3 days. 11 lbs total the first week! I know it was mostly water weight, but that does wonders for the old self esteem. No biggie. I'm sure it is stress because there is a lot going on this week: Publisher's meeting, open house (my son Frederick 8 goes into 3rd grade next week), babysit kids all week, fundraiser for which I'm supplying the desserts and 4 hours of sleep a night. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 9 for emily

221! Yikes! All I did was eat salad at Elle's house! Salad, for crying out loud! I had a few bites of the salad that had olive oil. I thought it would be okay! Apparently NOT for me.

Elle Day 4

Emily and I are doing the same diet. We did it together from the start. Losing and gaining together...always. I am not paying Brenda because I can NOT afford to. I worked for her though all last year and know, most of the time, what I should and shouldn't be doing. I stopped working for her due to all of the travel (she is not local) and not making enough money to compensate the time spent on the road away from my home. I miss her, the office and staying on track diet wise. Stress helped me pack the pounds back on. I have to learn how to deal with it without turning to food. It's just hard. I'm down 5 lbs. 1 lb from yesterday. Please help me stay motivated!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 8 for emily


Let's keep the ball rolling (or numbers rolling back I guess)

Elle Day 3

213 and counting. The first week is always the hardest to get through. I am so motivated that it hasn't even been that hard this time. I'm ready for a change and I'm the only one that can do this for myself. I'm down 1 lb from yesterday.