Saturday, March 12, 2011

lack of motivation

Summer is around the corner, and I still am fat. Should be motivation enough right? So how come I still am eating girl scout cookies???? I have tried this week to reign it in, and I think I've done better. I am trying to celebrate my little successes, like I did not eat ice cream ONCE even though my family went three times this week for ice cream. I watched others partake and was strong. However, I still ate pizza (more than once...ugh). Not sure how I am going to fare on Tues. at WW but I guess I should be happy that at least I'm not GAINING....

Friday, March 11, 2011

5 Lbs

Down 5 lbs in 4 days.  Feeling good.  Back on track.  Even looking forward to exercising control over food tonight (but letting loose with wine).  Super stoked to the excellent week I've had so far! (stoked, Jonesie!)

Friday. YES!

The sun is out, it's Friday and I get me time tonight.  And by "me" time I mean, wine time and gossip with Emily and Kyla. 

Cheer up, Jonsie! (to the tune of Cheer Up Charlie from the only Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I will ever recognize.) Sorry Johnny, you're too hot to play creepy parts like that.  It was a classic.  You should have left it alone.

Anywho, this work day can't end soon enough.  Can't wait to bust outta here like Pamela Anderson in a baby's shirt!

Btw, I haven't weighed yet this morning so I'll report back in a bit, seeing as this is a fat blog and all...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning Update

Not that you want details but I am officially down 4.4 lbs since Monday morning.  So ignore my first post for the morning.  4.4 in 3 days baby!  I know, I know...water weight, get it.  Don't care.  Weight is weight. 

And here's Jonsieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

Hi ladies~!  <big FAT wave here!  underarm weight jiggling away here UGH!>

A huge bow to my Elles Belles and my Emily (gotta come up with a cutie name for you too!) for letting me join the fat motivated (who the hell am I kidding here?) weight loss group!  I am totally stoked (yea yea, 80's lingo there but that's me!!  Stuck in the 80's where I wore a oh hell what size was it again?? Minus 1000???)

Anyways, just a quickie for you (haha! it's your one quickie for the week! Feel privileged it's more than hubs gets sometimes! HAHA!~ TMI Jonsie!!)  This week I have been SUPER DUPER busy!  Hubs has hit the milestone birthday!  50!!!  OMG!  How old are YOU Jonsie, you may ask.  Well, I am 29 of course!  <shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I am really 39>  There is almost 11 years between my hubs and I.  And while he is the older one well, I am the mature one.  Oh crap... I was about to get off on a tangent.  Back on track Jonsie or you will have to sit in the corner!  Haha!  (Is she crazy you ask??  Well, come live a day in my life and you judge!)

Anyways, we are having a HUGE birthday party with friends and family coming from all over the state to celebrate.  Yes, that means the M-in-Law will be here.  YIKES!  You know what that means!  CLEAN THE HOUSE NOW!  UGH!

So, along with all the house cleaning, preps for the party and just trying to get over this horrible flu, cold, sinus infection or whatever the hell it is I am beat!  Yup, but I am MOM superwoman of the universe and if you don't believe it then check this link out!

The party is Saturday and I pray think that everyone is leaving on Sunday.  With a bit of recuperation time I should be back to my online self soon!

And to answer your question Elles Belles the email addy is simply a junk account with gmail I had in the past that I kept to be able to be a blogger!!!

Hugs and loves..............

Jonsie out~!


I was beginning to feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway!  It's about damn time someone, ahem...EMILY, decided to grace us with her freakin presence!!!  I'm sorry about the 1.4 lb gain (not that I shoved anything in your mouth) but I am very proud of you for working out!!!  Good job!  If the sun ever shines again and the temperature rises above freezing we can start walking together. 
I am back to the weight I was Tues. morning.   Down 3.8 (that's what it was before, right?) so far for this week.
Keep up the good work, Wilson!!! Thanks friend, I will!!  Emily, who's lost it?   You worked out for an hour!...weirdo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Elle, you have finally lost it girl! Sorry for being MIA. I did go to WW and am up 1.4 pounds. Ugh. It has motivated me to get my fat butt into gear though. I worked out for an hour tonight. WOW. That's more than I've worked out in, oh I don't know, EVER! I ate pizza, felt bad, and decided to work out to try to help the damage I may have caused. We shall see.

Google Ads

BTW as soon as I posted Missing-Family Pet, Google Ads popped up with an ad for Yorkie puppies for sale!!!  How freakin funny is that?...and creepy.  I feel like I'm being watched. 

Missing-Family Pet!

So I'm up 2 lbs from yesterday!  What the f*ck?!  I'm still down overall, it's just annoying.  Unless I ate a yorkie in my sleep, there's no reason why I should've went up.  Oh well.  I'm doing good.  I'll go with that, and in the mean time I will keep my eyes peeled for missing yorkie signs in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is crazy Wow.  Just playing around with the blog, doesn't matter because we have as many writers as we do followers.  I love this blog though because the other ones don't know about it. : ) Just kidding...sort of. 

All By MYSELF...

I have that song stuck in my head every time I come to the fat blog. Emily, where the hell are you!?!?!?! It's like you disappeared into fat air. ; ) (it's from The Simpsons, I'm not being insulting, hell, I run the fat blog. That's about all I run.) You see why I need you to get your a** on this thing?! I'm talking to myself here.

Weight Watcher Update

Well, I missed another meeting because my niece is sick and took up the one babysitter I can sometimes rely on Tues. nights. So I dragged Frederick to Fat Camp and weighed in anyway so it wasn't an excuse to go another week without weigh in. I am down 3.8 since yesterday, as per their scale and mine. That is after two weeks of 7 lb water weight gain and getting over being sick. I'm back on track, doing well and feeling better. According to Weight Watchers though, I am eligible to become a life time member. Before that their system retained a 10 lb increase in my weight. Maybe it's holding on to water weight as well.

A New Woman...almost.

It's Tues. The dreaded Monday (that's every Mon. in case you're wondering) is over. I got 9 hrs of sleep last night and two rounds of antibiotic in me. I woke up feeling the most fantastic I have in two weeks. I still feel a little ugh, but I am noticeably better than before. Our Weight Watchers meeting is tonight and I can't wait. Instead of dreading the weigh-in, which I know will be brutal, I'm actually looking forward to it. It's a new day and I feel like a new woman...almost.

Monday, March 7, 2011

So sick of sick!!

I have actually been compelled to start running. The problem is I am still trying to get over being sick. I have gunk in my chest, my nose won't stop dripping, sorest of throats and zero energy. I am getting ready to be on round two of antibiotics so if this doesn't work I'm checking myself into the hospital and not leaving until they fix me. I think I'm going to buy a treadmill soon because I can't count on the weather to allow me to get out and move without getting pneumonia. You would think chasing kids and a dog, cleaning and baking for other people would make me thin, but apparently that's not the best diet plan. I'll keep you updated from my hospital bed since I'll be handcuffed there after killing someone if I don't get well soon. Have a happy freakintastic Monday!