Friday, August 13, 2010

Elle Day 7

I am at 209.4!! 2 oz to go by tomorrow to meet my weekly goal! I can totally do that! I feel so much healthier than I did last week. I know the majority of that feeling is psychological. I don't care. I'm feeling healthier one way or another. This weekend is going to be very hard to get through though. I have a fundraiser this evening in which I am supplying the desserts. I can stay out of all of the goodies, but after I leave the benefit I am driving straight to the lake (an hour away) to spend the weekend with my parent's and Frederick before he starts school. They are taking him down early for me since today is going to be so crazy. It will be nice that he gets to spend this time with them. They are taking him horse back riding, swimming and golf. He loves it there...anyway, I'm almost at goal and I still have tomorrow! I just hope I can make it through this weekend staying strong. I'll let you know how it goes.

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