Thursday, November 4, 2010

I, too, think men suck!

I completely agree Emily! Aiden keeps giving me a daily update and he's down a pound every day without trying...wait, should I be worried there is something medically wrong with him? Nah, I'm going to assume it's his super metabolism and just bitch about him instead.

On his behalf though, he eats extremely healthy 9 out 10 meals. He likes junk food from time to time, but he never drinks soda or beer, and everyday for breakfast he eats plain oatmeal with cinnamon and pecans, or natural applesauce added to it. And at lunch everyday he eats 1 bag (yes, a whole bag) of steamed vegetables, low sodium tuna, 1 cup of lowfat organic yogurt...I'm beginning to think my husband is an anorexic woman...1 cup of lowfat cottage cheese, an apple, AND 1/4 of almonds. This is his life 5 days a week! I would be such a crabby bitch if I ate like that, oh wait...

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