Sunday, November 21, 2010


My husband got sick and lost 5 pounds. He officially weighs less than me. Why can't I get sick???


  1. You know I really "get" your frustration here. My husband can gain and drop weight by blinking his freaking eyes it seems. Makes me so angry sometimes. Here I am and haven't lost even a 10th of a pound in 4 weeks.


  2. I know, right? I go on a diet, and my husband maybe eats 1/10th of diet food and he loses weight more quickly than me! It is So not fair!

  3. What is worse is that hubby can go on an absolute PIG fest and then an hour later go on an absolute ice cream fiesta only to gain NOTHING!


    Well, I am sick again. Back to HORRIBLE intestinal problems and can't eat without severe pain. I can't get into the GI dr. until next Tuesday so I pray that I will at least drop a few pounds to balance this out in my mind yanno?


    Oh did someone say Turkey day is tomorrow? NOT FOR ME!! ARRRRRGGGHH!!