Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I hate you

Elle, I am so proud of you...and I hate you. It seems like when I'm reallly on board and ready to DO SOMETHING your iffy, and now look at you, all gung ho! And I am like...yeah, screw it. Why can't we both be on the same frickin page! I am hoping that Jan. 1 gives us that! Ok, actually I will be out of town for a family meeting on Jan. 1 so my GO day will probably be Jan. 3 but you know what I mean.


  1. Ahhhh!! Such love between two friends!

    Elle, if you didn't have Emily to hate you where would you be? And Emily if you didn't have Elle to hate where would YOU be?

    Signs of true friendship: Love/Hate all in one quick swish of the mood. LOL

    Gotta luv it!

  2. So true! I dig the idea of you joining the blog btw!

  3. Emily,

    Beware what you vote for! Do you really know me? HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH! (That was supposed to be a really maniacal axe murderer laugh.)

  4. Yeah, I think I do know you. You sound a lot like Elle! I am too much of a stressball to loosen up, but I love the humor and being around axe murderers! lol

  5. Well, then for you my friends I say (Or sing) physco shower scene music for you!


    You really should have caught me last night as I rolled off of the spent WAYYY to effin much money high!