Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Well Runs Dry

Do you ever have an issue with making time to drink? That may seem ridiculous to some of you, but I have this problem a lot, especially while dieting and trying to get all my water in. My problem right now is that I have not had a drink of water in 3 days. I know that is extremely unhealthy and saying I'm too busy to drink is an excuse but that's where I'm at. As a result I feel a bladder infection or UTI coming on due to dehydration. I'm downing the water now but only because I'm physically starting to feel like shit. Why do I put other stuff so far in front of myself that I let this happen? Oh well, what's done is done. I will do better. I have to or I'm going to end up on medication that make my pee orange.

1 comment:

  1. The well running dry? SERIOUSLY???

    Elle, my sweets come on over to my house say around July when the sun is blazing and we can lay around my pool without an ounce of energy in our bodies because the heat has ripped it from our guts and let my tall, hot sexpot of a pool boy bring us margaritas!

    (Ok, that was a huge fantasy thought there! Truth is I have a pool and yes my body is without an ounce of energy but it's more due to the fact of having to lug around my fat ass. That's exhausting! As for the hot pool boy well that tends to be more of a reality of one of my kids being yelled at to bring me another glass of tea. But a girl can dream right??)