Thursday, January 6, 2011

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

I know this was taken from Dante's Inferno, but Weight Watchers would have bode well with it above their door tonight.

Kyla and I hooked up for what was supposed to be a 7:00 meeting and weigh in.

There was no 7:00 meeting; only a 5:30 meeting, which I am not able to make unless I'm willing to drag a 9 year old boy kicking and screaming into my fat meeting, which I'm not.

My weight was up, of course, as per my scale this *ss.

And they could not help me with the e-tools problem I was having because, get this...they don't have access to it in their stores...does that seem stupid to anyone other than myself?! Why the hell would they not be able to get online in order to help their customers. Major flaw of Weight Watcher's centers in my opinion.

So, basically it was freakin pointless for me to go. I didn't get inspiration from a meeting, old woman confirmed what I already knew by telling me I gained and I didn't get any closer to knowing why my e-tools wasn't cooperating...This is what I get for dieting with a smile yesterday.

I'm going back to being a surly dieter with a grudge against skinny people...

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