Sunday, January 9, 2011


I haven't had much to say because I have been in limbo. Not eating too bad, but not on a diet either. Tues. I go to my first weight watchers meeting and I am excited to get it all figured out and know what my plan is going to be. I know the weight will come off much slower and I am trying to brace myself for that, but today I picked out my lunches (all weight watcher boxed lunches) for the week and I am so excited. Not only about the food ( I get to eat pizza and not feel awful about it), but also, here it is, Sunday...Normally I would cook ALL DAY for the week of lunches ahead on Brenda's diet. Instead, today, I get to kick back and actually read a book. Nice, very nice. Def. need some kind of meeting, so Elle, give me the info and I'll see what I can do to go to fat therapy with you!

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