Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Cupcake kind of day......

Here I am starting the morning (and believe me it's NOT at that ungodly hour that this cupcake of a blog says when I hit the submit button!)

I have my cup of coffee (no cupcake there) and have actually cut down on it because I know that there is a horrifying amount of cupcaking (substituted for F**king) calories with the amount of sugar and creamer my son puts in it for me.   I can't figure out why he does that except maybe there was some morning a few cupcake years back that I nearly ripped his head off when he brought me a nearly black cup of coffee to consume.

Anyways, back on topic (did I ever mention an ADD problem that seems to plague me?) the morning is barely started and I already want to go back to bed.  UGH... I wish I had a walking buddy.  I mean for two mornings now I truthfully have thought about going walking but I don't want to go alone and my BFF is such a bitch and has a real job that she has to go to every morning M-F and by the time Saturday comes well who the cupcake wants to walk on a weekend?  

So, now I want to weigh myself.  I feel if I have a starting weight this week then I can have the joy of the loss at the end of the week.  OH cupcake... will I really have the joy or will I have the inevitable disappointment of staying the same weight or even worse gaining???  Cupcake, cupcake, cupcake! (Substitute Sh*t, Damn, Hell or even F*ck whichever suits you here)

I just want you two ladies to know that it's hard
  1. Not having someone living close enough to me to motivate my big ass.  (You two live close enough to keep each other accountable! GET WITH IT LADIES! but not too much b/c I don't want you to beat me too badly!)
  2. avoid racing to the bakery and buying a few dozen cupcakes and wolfing them down!
  3. to NOT say curse words here especially the F word! 
LOL  Notice there is no ROFLMAO because
  1. rolling on the floor requires some sort of energy and well I don't have any cupcakes!
  2. and the thought that my Ass would actually be laughed off is only a pipe dream because I would die of a heart attack trying to laugh the amount of time it would take to laugh this big ass off and then if I actually did laugh it off I would have to find some energy to clean up the disgusting mess of ass parts all over the living room before the hubs gets home because this week I am trying to be a good wife and actually do something all day while he is gone at work instead of laying around being a sloth. 
So there!  NO ROFLMAO!  Just a little bit of LOL for you.

Oh cupcake!  That took too much energy!  On the bright side do you think I burned a few calories typing this cupcake of a post today?



  1. Pretty sure you did burn some calories because I did just reading it! : ) Just thinking about all those cupcakes makes me tired...and fatter. Thanks. That's all I need is to be MORE tired and MORE fat.

  2. Wow Jonesie! What a post! I agree that you burned some calories in this blog process!!! At least you deserved to!