Friday, March 25, 2011

Eat My Cupcake Emily

6.6 Baby!!!  Of course my vision is blurry, I'm starving and have no energy but I'm down 6.6...
Just kidding on most of that.  I feel good!  And I am down 6.6 and haven't finished my fourth day yet!


  1. One word: Bitch!

    (but I still love you, maybe!)

  2. Nice, Jonesie! That's my favorite nickname! I beat Emily by 0.4 lbs...: ) We went out to dinner tonight and splurged. We had fun and even talked about you. You were with us in spirit. : ) I am back on diet tomorrow because I felt so good this week! Cupcake ya tomorrow! Good night.

  3. I agree with you Jonesie..she's a bitch. I'll love her tomorrow.

  4. LOL

    Ohhhh man I wish I could have had dinner with you guys! Simply to laugh! I need to laugh these days. Ugh!

    I want you to know Elles that I ate pears yesterday and I thought of you! (well and your Brenda person.) They were tasty! So, 'ef not eating pears!

    Ems (that's your nickname now! *grin*) she is a bitch. LOL But yanno only a bitch could fit in with us right? Besides it's tomorrow and you are supposed to be back to loving her! So, does that mean I don't love her today? LOL

    hmmmmm.... can't I love BOTH my Elles and my Ems!


  5. Of course!! There is enough of me to love and hate all at the same time!...believe me! Andre the Giant could hide behind one of my butt cheeks...don't ask me where that came from...: )