Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facing the music

Ok ladies, here it is: The day of acknowledgment.  You knew it would come and so did I.  After the recent cupcake all out pig gorge fest I have no more cupcakes and I must take a stand!  NO MORE CUPCAKES!  Not only in the physical sense of no more of those luscious, moist sweet piles of cake sitting in the fridge screaming calling my name but also the mental sense of I CAN'T possibly think about them anymore! 

I must purge my thoughts, my body, my soul from those disastrous mounds of deliciousness.  Gawd!  This will be hard!

I took the first step (after polishing off almost a clean dozen of those little suckers in 2 1/2 days flat!) and have myself on nothing but water and healthy food today.  Also, I have purged my closet of the previous wardrobe because while I did gorge and surely gain a few pounds from the before mentioned cupcakes I still have lost weight over all and GAWD I look horrible in my fat clothes! 

Looking back at the videos and pictures taken Saturday night at the hubs bday party my clothes are at least 2 sizes too big and I can't allow myself to look like that OR have the clothes sitting in my closet being used as my comfort zone.  I mean if they are hanging there I don't think I will work as hard to lose the weight as I would knowing they are there "if" more like when I got that big again.  So, I am giving them away.  Hoping that the knowledge that the big clothes are no longer there then I will work harder to stay away from needing them again. 

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Today is a new day.  NO CUPCAKES! 

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  1. Good idea getting rid of the big comfy (give us an excuse to gain a few pounds...). Very smart. Good luck on your healthy binge!