Monday, March 21, 2011

Feel Like Poop

Or should I say, Cupcake.  I feel like cupcake.  My allergies are freakin horrendous today and I can't wake up.  I'm sneezing my head off and I want to lay down.  The kids are crabbier than usual.  I think they know it's Monday too.  My weight is fat.  I'm back on Brenda's diet that I said I would rather die than do again.  It's just a sh*tty day.  I'm stayin positive though because I'm going to beat the scale and Emily's #!  It's gonna happen.  Just deal! : )


  1. Well cupcake!

    This day is just a cupcakey sort of day. And not the sweet ooey gooeyness of a good cupcake but the after effects of that cupcake. The fat, cupcake left overs sitting on your ass that refuse to fall off or get digested. Instead it just continues to sit and weigh you down.


    Elles... yea I get it! cupcake grumble grumble

  2. Lol!!! We've created our own language! Like two fat twins that do it to confuse the cupcake sh*t out of their mother! I cupcake it!!!