Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ha ha ha ha????

Ok you two beootchhess!  Tell me more info on this diet!  NOW!  I want to be able to honestly HAHA back at ya'll! 

Come on!  Help a girl out here!



  1. I will post a guide to the diet later this afternoon when I get a bit more time. It's really very simple and my tweeks are working for me without me feeling completely deprived. It's not a miracle diet or's basic dietary knowledge. Prepare yourself, Jonesie!!! It's on!

  2. Bring it on Elles Belles~! After the day I had yesterday sheeesh!! I'm ready!

    I will post my accounts of yesterday over at Welcome to Janet's world.

  3. Can't wait to read how crappy your day was! Wait, that came out wrong...what I mean is, your crappy day will make me feel better about mine...never mind...

  4. Damn Elles Belles..... are you my friend or a wolf in disguise? LOL

  5. Totally your wolf in disguise friend...Cupcake!