Friday, March 18, 2011

Irish Eyes Are Fat (they look like their smiling, but it's really just a squint)

Well, after that fantastic freakin Irish-American meal last night I still went down 4 oz.  Hey, I'll take it.  I'm happy that I was able to partake in the festivities but I have really been struggling with Weight Watchers this week.  I was out of town due to my Grandpa's death, so being on the road and in a hotel made it a little harder to eat well.  That and I didn't get near enough water.  The water in their town is disgusting and I hate buying bottled water: It's expensive.  Too much plastic being disposed.  It's not as good for us as tap.  So I barely drank anything over those 4 days.  I did drink tea occasionally, but southern sweet tea tastes like sugar with a hint of tea in it.  Bleh! I am highly contemplating combining the dietitian's diet, Mediterranean diet and Weight Watchers all in one.  I need to be a little stricter than just Weight Watcher's (just for a few weeks until I build momentum) then I can just focus on counting points.  This has been a really great maintenance program but the point is to actually lose some freakin weight.  It's not WW's fault, I'm just letting life get in my way.  I've gotta stop, or I'm going to be wearing moo-moos for the rest of my life...

*I actually do not wear moo-moos but I look like a moo moo...


  1. I'm with you on that one! I need to be stricter too. *sigh*