Monday, March 7, 2011

So sick of sick!!

I have actually been compelled to start running. The problem is I am still trying to get over being sick. I have gunk in my chest, my nose won't stop dripping, sorest of throats and zero energy. I am getting ready to be on round two of antibiotics so if this doesn't work I'm checking myself into the hospital and not leaving until they fix me. I think I'm going to buy a treadmill soon because I can't count on the weather to allow me to get out and move without getting pneumonia. You would think chasing kids and a dog, cleaning and baking for other people would make me thin, but apparently that's not the best diet plan. I'll keep you updated from my hospital bed since I'll be handcuffed there after killing someone if I don't get well soon. Have a happy freakintastic Monday!

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