Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checking in on my progress....

I better DAMN WELL have made progress after the last two days I have had.

You see, I have spent the last two days (Friday and Saturday) setting up (twice) and tearing down (twice) risers and chairs for the San Antonio annual Fiesta parades. Yes I said parades as in plural. So, I helped set up risers and chairs (5 rows of 20 each) for an ENTIRE city block.

WHAT THE "F" was I thinking you ask? Well, you see, I am a poor, broke, cheap ass bitch that doesn't and wouldn't even if I did have the money to pay for summer camp for my son and hubs for Boy Scouts. And this is the troop's major fund raiser for the year. Each person attending and working earns the money (profit from sale of seats for the parade) to go to camp. Well, I figure with my entire family doing it then we earn the money to pay for both the boy and hubs camp fees. That a few hundred dollars per person.

SO, you see, there is an ulterior motive. Money.

Money gets me off my ass to work aka move aka lose weight off this fat ass of mine. **crossing fingers and praying to the weight gods this works**. I sweated more than a pack, herd, group, flock???? whatever! of wild pigs. And if I'm right in my thinking I have heard that sweating means losing calories. Right?

Ok. So, I have a sunburn, (yes I used sunblock but it failed) I pulled a muscle in my back (not good since now I want to lay around) and my head hurts from the heat, but dammit I better have lost some POUNDS not ounces, but good fat POUNDS!

That's what I did the last two days.


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  1. You deserve to have lost 5 pounds at least! I am sorry you went through so much! Good luck and I hope you are not too sore!