Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lost...Without you!

I've lost too!!!  Jonesie, that is!  I've been missing from the blog and missing Jonesie in the process.  I have been so busy working that I haven't had time for my two favorite things, bitching (aka writing) and Jonesie!  I'm hoping that is I use the word Jonesie enough in this post that Jonesie will just end up being its own separate contributor besides the real Jonesie! Will the real Slim Jonesie please stand up!?!?!  After losing 2 lbs I may not recognize you!!  Bitch really loud and I'll follow the sound of your voice!!!  I'm detoxing after a few days of eating poorly and battling day 6 of migraine.  I'm hoping it helps me to de-stress over business and weight!  I'll let you know!!! I will try to talk to you more later today, Jonesie!  Jonesie Jonesie!!! 

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