Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's that? Who's he?

A scale? I'm not sure I'm familiar with that term...I think I knew him once... But honestly, little Annie comes into my head when I hear the word scale and Weight Watchers, Hence the What's that? Who's he?

No one cares for you a snitch, when you're fat and so not rich
It's a hard knock life!

Maybe I will meet the scale again someday soon. I sure hope so. Ladies...kick my hips, butt, gut into gear! We (I) am losing sight of this blog (as my rolls are multiplying).
I need some incentive!!!


  1. Here's your incentive: I lost 3 lbs (water weight, but who gives a shit!) by just tracking and being good yesterday! 1 day took off 3 lbs of water/crap! You can do this! I had a fudge bar and a ft long sandwich from Mr. Goodcents (fave sandwich chain) and still went down (on the scale) 3 lbs! Please join me and let's do a week to week challenge. At the end of the month we celebrate/berate the winner/loser! Sounds like fun, huh?! Seriously, you, me and Jonesie can kick this "ugh" feeling! I was alone at the WW meeting last night, btw!

  2. Well, I live too far away for the WW meeting BUT.............I can be there in spirit. I can check in here and report.

    I will do a week to week challenge.

    I actually managed to get myself back in gear a bit and have lost some too.