Monday, May 2, 2011

Poop Rocks

No, I didn't poop rocks, Poop Rocks!  The past two days I have not went down, but I ate out every single day, got what I wanted (cut it in half and brought the rest home to Aiden) and haven't gained.  I survived the weekend making really good choices, drinking with friends and eating out and did not go over my points.  I'm pushing water hard today because I am bloated due to all of the sodium; I can see it in my hands.  I feel excellent and finally back in control of my diet.  I changed meetings too because I was tired of never making it to the meetings my friends were at and using that as an excuse to stay fat.  I'm doing what works for me and it is truly working for me!  Thank God!  I'm back, baby!  Can't wait to poop tomorrow morning and see what happens. : )

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