Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So the long weekend is over.  I treated myself last night to a Fiber 1 bar...yeah, that's a treat.  I love them.  And a fudge bar...love them too.  I went up 1 lb on the scale, but am back in full force today.  The biggest reason I actually allowed myself the treats last night was that for 1) I was in the mood and didn't want to deprive myself. 2) there are worse things than fiber bars I could want 3) I am starting conditioning all over again today because now that I purposefully put sugar back into my body I need to get rid of it and I'll keep dropping weight quickly. 
That's my plan for now.  Condition almost all week, have a treat and condition all over.  For awhile it will keep my body from feeling starved and I will lose quicker.  I'm also getting ready to walk on the treadmill for an hour! Can't wait.  Just me and my IPod, baby!!!!  : )

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