Monday, June 13, 2011


My Weight Watchers account finally ended today.  I had cancelled awhile ago, if you don't remember, but it was paid up until today.  I miss it already.  The good news is that when we can afford for me to go back on it my husband's job gives a discount to, not only the employees, but their spouses for joining Weight Watchers.  30% off registration and monthly dues is nothing to scoff at!  I'm super stoked since I plan on joining WW again as soon as we can afford it, simply for the etools and tracking my food and activity.  I love it and highly recommend it.  The etools do more for me than attending meetings.  I can live without those.  I am still in the same spot that I was a week ago, but I can feel my body changing since I've been working out 6 days a week.  I have tons of energy, pants are fitting better, I'm getting some definition back in my arms and my face and boobs are getting smaller.  I want the # to go down, but I'm trying to not put as much emphasis on that at the moment since I'm still down 14 lbs for 2.5 weeks.  That's nothing to scoff at either.  I'll report back later if there are any changes.  Good luck to everybody struggling, this includes me.  Everyday I struggle.  Everyday I want it more.

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