Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday of detox (Sunday was a bad food day) went really well.  I feel better already.  I'm not at my goal that I set for myself this week but I will get it adjusted soon.  My only pair (that fit) of black dress pants snagged and got a hole in them on Saturday night (thank God I made it home before this happened!) but we don't have the money for me to go out and replace them right now.  So I'm going to literally work my ass off to fit in the size smaller that I have before another dress up even occurs.  It's totally possible!  They say around 10-15lbs a pants size....we'll see if that's true.  It should hold up because they were getting a tiny loose anyway....so here's to shrinkin so that I have something besides my 1 pair of jeans to wear!!!!!! : )

1 comment:

  1. you can do it! Yes you can!

    What a motivation! Not having the clothes to wear nor the money to buy new ones is a heckuva insinuation!

    I too have VERY little clothes I can wear. Remember I gave away my others. Thank GOD I kept my comfy shorts. But they fall off of me. GOD I was a HUGE HUGE HUGE WHALE! These I have to tie up now.

    How much can one lose in a day? Wii says I lost a pound but I don't buy it. All I did was shit. LOL