Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting better

Still not feeling great but I am doing better than yesterday so I'll go with it. I have not weighed but I've been living off of home made chix noodle soup Scott brought over. It's a nice change for someone to bring me food instead of always coming over to eat mine. I'm completely bloated from all of the sodium from the soup. If I had to guess at my weight I would say probably 212 give or take (or just give 5 lbs). I will weigh tomorrow and check in. It's not even motivation at this point that I need. I'm ready to pick back up where I left off I just don't have the energy to cook. I physically just don't have it in me. Today is better. So I am going to stick with the soup for another day, drink lots of water and swallow as many vitamin C's as I can without overdosing. Emily I am proud of you for sticking with this though it has been slow. Keep it up.

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