Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Signs of Getting Fatter

Do you have signs that you are getting fatter without the obvious ones (scale, clothes, mirror)? Obviously, I do or I wouldn't be begging for yours to validate my neurosis...Anyway, here were some of the "signs" or behaviors I was noticing for the past few months that I have reached a certain point with my self image. Tell me if these sound familiar, similar to yours or completely different:
Wearing baggy clothes.
Wearing my husbands clothes when I can.
Wearing lots of black. (which in my defense is actually one of my favorite colors so I wear a lot of black anyway, but I've been staying away from my tight fitting bright orange sweater and hadn't even thought of why until recently)
Avoiding the mirror. ( haven't looked at anything but my face to do make up for about 8 weeks now)
Sex has slowed down the last few months.
Avoiding seeing people or doing activities that would require me to be around people that I'm not extremely comfortable with.
Weighing myself. (sounds weird, but when I'm dieting well I weigh everyday. I'm obsessive. When I'm not doing well I don't weigh at all)
These are just the things that I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of more I will post them but I would really like some feedback on this subject. I am extremely interested in what makes some emotional eaters and not others and how their behaviors differ.


  1. Ok, I am finally going to post a reply. Partially because I need a new post/something to read and partially because I feel guilty that you have not received a response from anyone. I mean GOSH! Are your readers so self absorbed that they can't give a little short reply? Especially since you specifically asked for feedback????!!! (Totally dissing myself here! LOL)

    Feedback: Yes, there are ways I can tell I am on the downhill spiral of gaining pounds back. (or should I say simply finding them where I very temporarily lost them?)

    Usually my biggest sign of weight gain is the fat ass hop. You know that ever so NOT cute dance we do to help our fat asses fall into our jeans? Well, it's not pretty around here. I will just let you imagine it. But I warn you prepare yourself for that mental image. It's more than kinda gross.

    There is also that certain section of the closet I avoid. You know that one where the cute shirts hang? The ones that I am totally fooling myself into believing that I will some day be able to wear? Yeah THAT one!

    Does this count as feedback? (Totally trying to be a supportive blog friend here!)


  2. I have those areas of the closet that never get worn...the ones I say someday about! Love this comment!

  3. Thank you Jonesie! : ) (that's what I call you in my head, thought you should know!) Seriously though thank you for commenting. This fat chick is really starting to get a freakin complex...I can't even get other fat chicks to comment! ;) I do appreciate you checking on us and boosting our ego. Emily and I appreciate it greatly! : )
    Happy Dieting Day...Week, Month, Year...Freakin Forever Because God Hates Me and I'm Gonna Be Fat Forever! ;)

  4. Elle, you are so effin funny! But I must point something out just to jack with you.

    You can't even get other fat chicks to comment. Are you saying I am a fat chick?

    ROFLMAO! Well, I am! LOL The Christmas pictures taken yesterday at my ladies group party prove it! UGH!

    And no worries, you won't be alone in your fat adventure. I will be there with fat on (get it? with fat on not bells??? Ok that is lame!)

    And Jonsie? I LOVE IT! That is a pet name around here with us. You have truly entered into the realm of "family" .

  5. Jonesie, ;)Stop it, I'm getting a big head...but at least it will match my *ss! I liked the "with fat on line" that's not saying much though because I make lame comments all the time. It reminded me of a Simpson's Halloween episode where Marge's sisters (Patty and Selma) are over and Homer disappears into the 3-D world. One of them says, "It's like he disappeared into fat air!" I love it...I wish my *ss would disappear into fat air!

  6. Elle,

    I have GOT to come up with a nickname for you. You are making me laugh so hard here!

    If you think that fat on line was good wait until you catch me on a don't give a crap mood. LOL

    Anyways, ya'll really should consider making me a contributor to the blog here (hint hint) LOL

    Signing off for now~~~~~ The Great Jonesie!~

  7. I agree. We need all the comedic relief laughing at ourselves we can get!