Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Week

Another week under my belt and yet the belt is no looser. In fact, it is the exact same weight as last week. With the exception of Sat. with Emily at lunch I have been completely perfect. So what gives? Several things I could possibly chalk it up to: not eating enough, not drinking enough water (though I think I am), hormones (God hates women ; ), stress (but I'm relaxed so that can't be it), slow week because last week was decent with weight loss (2 lbs.) So, I'm not exactly sure what is going on but I'm worried, frustrated, scared that even Weight Watchers isn't going to work for me and mad that the scale isn't down like 10 lbs. Not really mad, it was just wishful thinking that I would step on this morning and it would dispel all fears by being a few lbs. lighter than yesterday. Oh well, I'm not quitting. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.


  1. Hang in there girlie! The weight didn't jump on your hips and other regions. It took a while. Remember it sneaks up on us! (Well, not really but you know what I mean!)

    So, the point is it will take time to fall off as well. (Boy do I wish that it would fall off. UGH, I say this as I sit here typing and need to get off my lazy ass and at least walk around the house. Especially since the Dr. cleared me yesterday to begin light exercise!)

    Groan.........ugh..........exer what??? UGHHHHH...... motivation where the hell are you?


    Jonsie off to get another cup of coffee~~

  2. Nice Jonesie! I don't know why I spaz so bad. I actually went down (according to weight watchers) another 2.2 lbs. I'm down 8.2 total in two weeks. I'm doing fine. I just need to freakin relax and let it happen. Thanks for the encouragement. Now here is yours: Get off your ass and do laps around your kitchen and think of me!! I'll even do them with you!! There. Your Dr. will be proud. : ) Seriously though, I'm happy you are recovering. Motivation will come with more recovery, give your body time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was this ass!! Take care.

  3. Oh how I love the sarcastic banter. It makes me smile through the pain (of dieting) and my incredibly sore throat (which actually has helped with the dieting)!

  4. Emily,

    If you enjoy sarcasm then boy I am truly in the right place! I have so been in trouble throughout my life for my sarcasm! In fact just the other day in a heated discussion with the hubs he actually said to me, "don't think the sarcasm is being missed by me dear."

    The funny thing is that at that moment I really wasn't being sarcastic! Joke on him huh?

    Oh Elle,

    Thank you for the encouragement! I actually did walk yesterday and more than just around the house~! Instead of having hubs drop me off at the door I actually walked from the parking lot into the building and back out to the van when leaving too! Then I walked down the long driveway and had hubs pick me up at the end. Of course the best would be to walk BACK up the driveway too but SHUDDDUPP world! At least my fat ass walked yesterday!

    (Now off to walk to the kitchen and see what today brings me.)