Sunday, January 16, 2011

The diet keeps marching on...

I went way over my points on Sat. But today I tried to do my best. I think this is what it is all about. The number on the scale aside, I know that today I chose a fruit cup and side salad (from McDonald's ) instead of a cheeseburger for lunch. I chose fruit two times when I got hungry. I feel like I am getting it. Slowly. My weight may not be falling off two pounds a day at a time, but perserverance will pay off. Patience will pay off.


  1. Hang in there my friend! Learning to change your diet habits are easier now than if you waited, ignored and ended up with the problems I had for the last year.

    Oh BTW! I'mmmmmmmmmm backkkkkkkkkkk!!


  2. Woo-hoo!!! Jonesie is back!! We have sooooo missed you! Happy you are back and I'm assuming doing well?! Take it easy, catch up blogging could put you back in the hospital! : )

    Oh yeah and Emily, I'm proud of you!