Monday, January 17, 2011


We are so glad to hear from you again! Hope you are feeling ok! Dieting just isn't the same without you! Elle is even having to comment on her own posts (pathetic I know!). :)

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  1. Oh Emily! Leaving poor Elle to comment on her own posts? GEEEZZZ!!!

    Just like I at home nothing gets done when I am not here. (throwing in my best bitching mom voice there lol)

    It's good to be back.

    The surgery was something else. And I don't mean in a great way. I mean it wasn't more than it was supposed to be but throw in my age, the fact that I am super weak from a year of being sick and then they put me in a SEMI private room with a bitch ass nurse.

    Apparently, under the suggestion of narcotics and coming out of surgery my inner self comes out. I was SCREAMING for a private room. (which I finally got about 24 hours later btw)

    Anyways, I am writing up my story of the last year of my life and will let ya'll see it soon.

    Jonsie out~~