Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybe I'm Not...

Eating enough...WTH? I'm still bouncing around this 2lbs. I went up 2 from yesterday! I swear that I am doing everything I'm supposed to be. The only thing I can figure is that I am going too long between meals and possibly not drinking enough (water, or otherwise). I don't know what to do. Honestly, if the weather wasn't so bad (and only getting worse) I would drive to Weight Watchers and demand that they "fix" me. (Oddly enough I have a post on other LYLAS that is titled: I Don't Need to be Fixed) Apparently I do. I think I'm broken. Or at least my metabolism is. HELP!! Jonesie, you can commence yelling, because apparently I need it right now!


  1. Ok my friend. You told me to yell but honestly I don't have it in me to yell today.

    A cold front is blowing in and my tummy hurts from the surgery so all I want to do is have someone wait on me hand and foot with hot coffee and whatever other dangerous food item I can fathom in my cabin fevered brain.

    Maybe today we can do it together! Here goes:

    Together, today with my friend Elle, I will NOT eat loads of crap, I will instead eat HEALTHY items good for my digestive system and weight.

    (pssssssttttttttt Elle where the hell are you? I need you to grab me from the brink of junk food hell here. LOL)

    Jonsie not having such a good day here~~~

  2. Jonesie,
    Thank you for the pep talk, now here is yours:

    You will feel so much better if you eat clean! Your body will thank you and your mind will be at ease. It will probably even help with the cabin fever as it will give you something else to focus on. Enjoy every bite and thank God (the fates, the trees...whatever you believe in) that you live another day to, well, Live. I hope that your day starts to look up and it ends with peace for you and yours. Take care and I'm here when you need me.

    There. How's that? I actually am doing fine. A little crazy this morning when I saw the dreaded # but I'm over it now. Eating healthy still and not letting anything deter me from mission of feeling good overall. Talk soon.

  3. This is going to require patience on all of our parts. I am just beginning to understand how much patience. It may come off slowly, it may go up a few, or stay the same, but at the end of the day if we just KEEP FIGHTING and don't give up, we all will come out on top!

    I had to throw in some pep too! Can't leave me out of the pep! I'm peppy!

  4. Thanks gals! I needed it!

    Today the cabin fever is really setting in! Just enough pain in the gut to keep me down but not enough pain to keep me from being restless. UGHHHH

    BUT as you said THANK GOD I have another day to live. Coming out of surgery and finding out my colon had actually burst and how very close to the death walk I really was is sorta freaking me out. I had a melt down last night. Poor hubs.

    Anyways, here's to a GREAT Day. (well, what can be made great out of laying in the bed and flipping the channels over and over for hours until I find an episode of Criminal Minds.)


  5. Ok ladies....

    Here is the link to what I have been going through the last year of my life. Check it out.

  6. Geezo Jonesie!! I didn't realize just how many problems you have. I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's good you have a husband (or anyone) you can melt down on. We shouldn't have to suffer alone. It's one of the reasons Emily and I are close and we turned to this blog and now you. We are better together!! I will take a look at your health for the last year in the morning. I have to get ready to go out. I'm gettin Greek, Baby and 6 vodka gimlets. (going out with my mom, sisters and ex-almost sister. :) Take care and talk tomorrow!!

  7. Hey Elle, have fun tonight! You deserve it!

    Things turned around earlier. Just after making my post I found a marathon of Criminal Minds on the TV and while I had seen most of them I just don't care!