Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Never Eat...?!

Today Frederick (reference other LYLAS blog...and for the love of God please become a follower!!!) made the comment to William (again, reference) that I don't eat. They were asking for a snack so I told them I would get them all a snack, so William said, "and Elle a snack." Before I could answer Frederick said, "No, she doesn't eat."

WTF?! (which of course I didn't say to my 9 year old, but I thought it)

You don't get this fat by not eating.

So, I asked him why he thought that.

His reply...,"all you eat is string cheese, apples and stuff like that. Light snacks that are never meals and not very filling."

...ummm....I guess I can't really argue with him. I do eat this stuff a lot. I just didn't realize that he was paying attention. Sucks having an observant child.

I weighed in last night and had gone down almost 1 lb. so at least I hadn't gone up since it hadn't been a full week. There. You're updated.

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