Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steak and Crabby

I am holding off eating anything that will rack up my points because tonight I'm going all out and eating fillet mignon, king crab legs soaked in butter, with homemade garlic cheddar biscuits and Greek salad washing it down with a stellar glass of wine. I can't wait! We don't even have to pay for any of it because my mother in law is making everything (except the biscuits, which I'm making) for the Jan. birthdays in the family. We eat over with Aiden's family almost every Sunday but I only truly look forward to the food part a hand full of times a year; Jan. birthdays, Christmas and my birthday when she makes Chicken Modiga, my favorite. So I'm sitting here eating a plate of grapes (which Brenda can still suck) and low fat cheeses so that I don't use too many points. I'm not too crabby over this lunch but I'm really hungry and want something filling so I'm a little bitchy right now. I'm going to finish my grapes and cheese and focus on organizing Frederick's toys and cleaning out closets (all part of my goals for the New Year. reference instead of how hungry I am. It's only a few short hours until the pay off other people's birthdays!

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