Thursday, March 10, 2011

And here's Jonsieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

Hi ladies~!  <big FAT wave here!  underarm weight jiggling away here UGH!>

A huge bow to my Elles Belles and my Emily (gotta come up with a cutie name for you too!) for letting me join the fat motivated (who the hell am I kidding here?) weight loss group!  I am totally stoked (yea yea, 80's lingo there but that's me!!  Stuck in the 80's where I wore a oh hell what size was it again?? Minus 1000???)

Anyways, just a quickie for you (haha! it's your one quickie for the week! Feel privileged it's more than hubs gets sometimes! HAHA!~ TMI Jonsie!!)  This week I have been SUPER DUPER busy!  Hubs has hit the milestone birthday!  50!!!  OMG!  How old are YOU Jonsie, you may ask.  Well, I am 29 of course!  <shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I am really 39>  There is almost 11 years between my hubs and I.  And while he is the older one well, I am the mature one.  Oh crap... I was about to get off on a tangent.  Back on track Jonsie or you will have to sit in the corner!  Haha!  (Is she crazy you ask??  Well, come live a day in my life and you judge!)

Anyways, we are having a HUGE birthday party with friends and family coming from all over the state to celebrate.  Yes, that means the M-in-Law will be here.  YIKES!  You know what that means!  CLEAN THE HOUSE NOW!  UGH!

So, along with all the house cleaning, preps for the party and just trying to get over this horrible flu, cold, sinus infection or whatever the hell it is I am beat!  Yup, but I am MOM superwoman of the universe and if you don't believe it then check this link out!

The party is Saturday and I pray think that everyone is leaving on Sunday.  With a bit of recuperation time I should be back to my online self soon!

And to answer your question Elles Belles the email addy is simply a junk account with gmail I had in the past that I kept to be able to be a blogger!!!

Hugs and loves..............

Jonsie out~!


  1. Woo-hoo!!! We've got Jonsie!!! (sing this to the tune of We've Got Annie)
    I am super stoked (and yes, it is still used in my house, but that doesn't mean it's cool, it just means I'm a rebel and don't give a shit anymore now than I did in the 80's when I was, like, 10. I'm 33 btw. I will write more later. I have to pull a kid outta the toilet...don't worry Emily, I don't think it's yours. He's smokin and running with scissors.

  2. NICE! REALLY NICE! glad you can join us! Maybe this will help keep my fat butt motivated...or elle off my back!

  3. Not a chance, Sister! Just think of the weight you'll lose if I stay on your back!? It would be like you carrying an Ellephant around all day! HA! I crack myself up!

  4. You two are nuts! I'm afraid I may not fit in here! Baawwwwwwhhhhaaahhaaa!!

    Of course I will fit in! Em Shim (haha! trying out cutsie names for ya there) just put me in the role of dominatrix I mean supportive friend!


    Jonsie out~~