Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning Update

Not that you want details but I am officially down 4.4 lbs since Monday morning.  So ignore my first post for the morning.  4.4 in 3 days baby!  I know, I know...water weight, get it.  Don't care.  Weight is weight. 


  1. Weight is weight and the mean jealous side of me says you beeotch! The good friend side of me says way to go Elles Belles!

    Now, I will go sneak my king size peanut butter lovers reeses cup.

  2. You sneaky bitch!!! Where's mine!?!? I'll eat your Yorkie if you don't fork one over! : ) I bet if I dip it in PB and Choc it would be about the same size. And thank you for the support! You're like a really comfortable bra that still holds mah ta ta's up!

  3. I must report that I ate regular king size pb reeses. ALL 4 of them! They were super yummo until I realized they had 200 calories per serving and I ate the whole serving. SIGH!