Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Elles Belles,

First FUCK YOU! LOL You're down 3 lbs? YOU WHORE! LOL

Now, a pep talk to keep you going: (copied and pasted from my blog on April 11th)

Elle said...

Yes, and it sucks! There, I said it. When people you're close to count on you most and it affects your sleep, eating habits, and overall quality of life, something has to change. It is not easy, but absolutely necessary. No one person should have that much control over another life. We give them that power and the only way to get it back is to stand up for ourselves. No one is going to do it for us. You must be your own Champion!!! I know you can do it! (BTW, I'll need the pep talk soon, so you can just copy and paste if you like) Hope everything goes okay for you! : ) I've missed you, btw.


  1. Jonesie,

    First FUCK OFF!!! Lol. And thank you!! You rock! I didn't realize it was such a good pep talk until I reread it. I'm pretty damn good. Speaking of which, not to report poop matters, but I actually went down 4 yesterday...ahem.
    Today I am down another 1.2 making my total for 2 days 5.2 lbs!!! Suck that Brenda! : )I love you Jonesie!

  2. I know you love me. You have to love me. I have you under my powerful love Jonesie spell. HA!

    Poop matters A LOT to me. Remember I just went through almost a life time of not knowing I have gluten issues and then I had my colon removed in January. So, yes poop has been the subject for a long time in our house. And at the dr. office. LOL

    Size, color, shape it all matters with poop. HA!

    Ok, suck it Brenda! And what I really like is that I got you (Elles) to say FUCK OFF! HA!

    I thought you may bleep me from the blog! HA!