Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hate Nicole...........But I did work out!

Ok, you guys have Brenda to hate. Well, I have Nicole to hate.

Here is my morning workout. Yes, I actually did this today. In my pjs and just FYI I did spend a great deal of time marching it out as she says to do if it's too intense for you. Hey at least I was moving right?



  1. Wow Good For YOU!!! Nicole is tough!

  2. Well thank you Ems! I think Elles Belles has forsaken me! I haven't heard from her in ages!

    Think she is jealous of our budding relationship? LOL

    Elleeeeeeeesssssssss Beeeeeeeeeellllllllleeeessssss r u ok?


  3. Actually, Jonesie, I have commented on your actual website (something "Ems" hasn't done in a while) and I haven't heard anything from YOU on ours! : ) I posted Hairy Pickle with you in mind, expecting some sarcastic, perverted comment...I guess you're too good for me now. That's okay, I've got my imaginary friend who never forsakes me. Coincidentally her name is Jonesie. : )

  4. You are just a plain NUT Elles! It's quite alright that you feel the way you do! B/C I have a bloggie friend named Elles Belles. And she loves me! I know she does. (sticking my tongue out at you and posing with my hands on my hips like a mad little girl!)

    Really, I missed the Hairy Pickle post but you bet your butt that I am going over to read it now!