Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2, Yesssss!!!!!

Day 2 went down a little more stressful than it should have, but it can always be worse.  I had 3 hrs of sleep the night before so that was part of it.  Usually when I get very little sleep I don't diet well.  Too tired to cook, or care, that type of thing.  But I did well all day (actually didn't eat enough, but didn't cheat either.) until we ended up in the basement at 3:45 because of tornadoes.  We have food (peanut butter, chips, crackers, nuts etc.) stashed in a survival kit in case something happens so I got all the snacks out for the kids since they hadn't had one yet.  I managed to only eat 3 PB crackers but it is so not on Brenda's diet.  We were in the basement off and on for the next 3 hrs.  When Aiden finally got home he had to work (2nd job-that he can do from home when necessary) and I had to run and get Frederick's RX filled.  I picked up Taco Bell for all of us since it was so late.  I ate a bean burrito, but wanted everything on the menu.  That was all I had all day besides fruit and PB crackers and not enough water.  I still went down 1.2 lbs though so I'm pretty stoked.  I had myself all geared up excepting the fact that I would probably gain due to lack of water, more than anything, but I dropped.  4.8 lbs in two days.  I'll take it.  Too bad it's the same 4.8 that I have been yo-yo-ing for the last few months.  Oh well, I'm not dwelling....I feel good, I'm going with that. 


  1. Go with it girl! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I am praying for you in those tornadoes!


  2. Thanks sweet-thang!! I'm praying for me too!!! : )