Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm marching on

Well, I am down 2.6 pounds. Not as good as Elle...and I didn't get Taco Bell. But that's ok. Losing weight is losing weight.
Jonesie, in regard to the drops...I really don't know much about it. They are some chemical that you take 5 or so drops a certain number of times a day and it takes away all of your hunger. Then you are only allowed 500 calories to spread out over the remainder of the day and must include protein, veggie, and fruit I think. If I find out more about it I'll let you all know. I know you only stay on the diet for a short amount of time (3 weeks) then you go off for a week then back on. Something like that. I'm sorry that you are sore. I hope you feel better!

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  1. It's the HCG drops. Complete fad that's sweeping the nation. : ) Google it and the first ten sites that pop up are saying how bad it is. Regardless if it takes away hunger or not, your body should not be forced to power on 500 calories alone. That is starving, whether you feel it or not. I know his chiropractor told him it was a fad and to have a better plan in place when he stopped doing it, but I'm appalled that he prescribed the drops in the first place. Irresponsible to me. I'm proud of you Emily for doing what you know is healthier and still works for you. My weight loss will slow down considerably very soon, as you know. I always take a lot off in a few days then will go, like a week, with nothing lost. I hope your soreness goes away soon, Jonesie!!!!