Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Still the same as last week, but feeling great.  I'm not giving up this time!  Just call me Charlie Sheen because I will WIN!  Today is going to be a long hard day.  I'm dealing with one friend that is overly dramatic, creates relationships with men when there are none and bawling over a guy who's just using her for sex even though he was upfront about it in the first place, and another friend that just unexpectedly lost her dad and we're helping with the memorial service.  Emily will be right there with me this afternoon, but it won't be soon enough, because I'm left to deal with Kyla by myself! Sucks!  Oh well, she likes to eat.  You can't bitch if your mouth is full.  I'll throw chocolate chip cookies at her to keep her quiet.  Then she's eating them instead of me.  I have no desire to eat bad either which is really fucking nice!  Jonesie, I hope you have a wonderful day!  Talk soon.


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