Friday, September 30, 2011


I still can't believe life goes on out there even when I'm gone! Just kidding, just kidding (kind of). Elle, hate you but proud of you. Jonesie, as always, you bring smiles to my inner being! I hope things are looking up for you and you are feeling better than you were a couple weeks ago! I am fat fat fat. FAT. No way around it. You couldn't get around it with a bus. FAT! Every pound Elle has lost I have packed on. I am disgusted with myself and once again, am looking to change my pathetic ways. I would say blogging would help (and it really probably would) but as is true with every other aspect of my life, I DON'T HAVE TIME! I don't even have time to poop. In fact that's probably one reason I'm so fat, because I'm full of poo! Elle, I know I won't hear you arguing with me on that! So now is when I give empty promises of trying to blog more when really I can only hope to check it once in the next week, and pray that I will start making better choices and somehow find a way to DESTRESS without eating or drinking!

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