Saturday, October 1, 2011

Down 4 up 1=back down the 3!

Of course it all came off within a day or two!  I have lost 16 lbs (still, total), down the pants size, feel good and have been sleeping better too!  It is a slow process but I am okay with that this time.  My goals are more realistic than they have ever been.  I am planning on it taking at least a year to get all of this weight off.  I'm exercising more because, get this....I want to!!!  I've been making it fun and actually have been craving movement.  People have started noticing that I'm looking better and that helps fuel the drive to continue.  I'm doing it for me, but it is nice that it is finally starting to show on the outside too. 

Emily, I have no doubt that you can win this battle once and for all.  You are on the right path by changing your habits that have nothing to do with food first that are keeping you unhealthy.  I'm proud of you for doing that!  It helps me to see you changing those habits and makes it easier for me as well.  You can do this!!!! 

Jonesie, you make me laugh.  I hope you and your family are well and that you are feeling good!!!!  Stay away from the fucking cupcakes!!!!!! They will only cause you grief, heartache and pain!!!! ; )

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