Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I need advice so I'm seeking help...in a freakin deserted waste land (there goes a tumble weed!) It has been 5 days since my last weigh in. Tonight I am going to the Weight Watchers meeting to actually attend the meeting but hadn't considered weighing in. I was going to make a special trip on Thurs. morning (which I know this seems ridiculous) because then it will have been a full week therefore accurately portraying my total weight loss for the week. Does it make sense to do that or do I just bite (hey, I bit everything else, why not?) the bullet and weigh in 5 days early and try to make it every Tues. from here on out? Or am I worrying about this too much?? I think I am probably stressing about this a little more than is necessary. I guess I just want that freakin 5 lb sticker and I'm afraid they are going to tell me I have gone up since 5 days ago even though according to my scale I'm down. Neurosis is never pretty. Deal! BTW you're not much help, you know that?! Yeah, I'm talking to you!


  1. You are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over stressing this. I say skip weighing this week and start going on Tuesdays weighing in NEXT Tuesday. That would be a huge moral booster when you have a few EXTRA days to lose more. Did that make sense?

    If you keep stressing this hard over your weight loss believe me from experience you will NOT succeed.

    Remember, if you choose to sit your before mentioned fat ass on the couch watching TV at least get some dumb bells and work them while you watch. Or ankle weights and then sit there watching your tv show and lifting your ankles.


  2. Jonesie...Don't yell at me!! :) You're very new to the neurosis that is me. You'll get used to it very quickly. I did weigh in last night but only to get on track and be completely accountable. I could have used the boost, I agree, but decided to just take it like a "woman" because as we know, most men are big babies. Thank you for being honest with me, for real though, I do appreciate it. I am in a good place. Feel good in general and even though the weight isn't falling off it is coming off, which is good enough for me. Unfortunately I usually fall into bed to exhausted to watch anything. Not even Christopher Meloni! :(

  3. Ahhh my friend Elle, no yelling from me! I promise.

    I will tell you like I tell my kids if I were yelling you would know. LOL

    How about this one:

    How's that?

    We all need a few extra hugs once in a while! :)

    I like your comment about men and being big babies. That is funny but then again oh so true.

    Good for you for sucking it up and stepping on the scale last night. BRAVE!!! I love it!

    Just got to make sure my internet buddies stay good with themselves! :)


  4. I'm trying to finally do right by myself...to myself...for myself?! Hmmmm. Thank you for the yells/hugs. I need them both...A LOT!! I am so happy to have you back!!! And one thing I can say about myself is that I at least try to be brave most of the time...unless there is a cockroach involved, then forget it, I'm a baby!! Hope you are feeling well today!!