Saturday, April 30, 2011

I took a shit and lost some weight

Ok, this is meant to cover 3 areas.
  1. Humor (At least I am told I am funny!)
  2. Literal Meaning  (Maybe gross but could still be humorous)
  3. Emotional Meaning (maybe a tear or two here)
Ok let me break it down. First of all I don't need to flip anyone off tonight because I LOST WEIGHT you bitch Elles! LOL Yes, you heard it! I am down as well!  4 lbs. WOO HOO!

How did I do that you may ask? Well, duh! I took a shit or two. Yes, you heard me right. The last two days I have gone to the bathroom a LOT!  (Here is the literal part.) Because of my recent surgery (colon removal on Jan 5) my small intestine has yet to figure out that it is now supposed to carry it's own weight AND the weight of it's lost buddy Mr. colon.  Or actually he (small intestine) carries it but doesn't want to get rid of it. He carries it entirely too long causing massive weight gain. 4lbs is massive in my book.

So, after me telling Elles that her weight loss was only due to her taking a shit I got to thinking.  HEY! And I began to drink more water than an 'effin camel at a desert oasis! I swear I flushed it all out and down. hehehehe (gross part)

Now, on for the emotional part. You know my uncle died not too long ago and I have been down in the pits of hell lately. But for some reason deciding to create my memory books for all my pictures and getting 20 years of pictures out of their rubber made tote reminded me of all the good times as well.

So, I was able to shed some emotional weight as well.  Which meant that I was in better spirits today!  YEAH!

So, (dang I use that word a lot don't I?) tonight I sit here with less (4lbs) around my waist and think that I have 8 oz more of water to consume to meet my goal on Sparkpeople.

Also, just letting you know that Nicole kicked my 10 yr old rear today when I asked her to work out with me.  But I, little ole me got the full 12 minutes of cardio completed without stopping once!

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  1. Awesome!!! Shit is the cupcakes!! Isn't it wonderful to not be full of shit anymore?! I'm so proud of you for making that connection of water based on my insubstantial (cause it's just water weight) loss. Rock on, Lady! And I'm happy to hear that you are feeling a little more "up" than you have been. It'll take time. Loss of any kind, be it a loved one or weight, is never easy! Embrace the people that love you and your uncle will never be gone.

    Much Love and Poop,